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The stretching of carpets is actually a very old and traditional laying method that has been unjustly forgotten in this country.

What is particularly ecological about bracing is that without 
construction chemicals, because the carpet is stretched over nail strips with special tools. This puts the carpet under slight tension and the fibers stand up. Walking comfort increases enormously - you have the feeling of walking over clouds. An insulating underlay serves as a substructure, which compensates for the height to the nail strips and provides additional comfort and footfall sound insulation.

A pleasant side effect is the cozy foot warmth, because the heat is better retained by the raised fibers.

Tensioned carpeting is therefore very suitable for bedrooms and other living areas, for example. The room noise is automatically reduced and you can quickly and easily change the carpet at any time.

Stretching the carpeting is also a good choice of laying technique when laying stair runners. Footstep noise is also dampened here and stepping on the steps is comfortable.

You are welcome to arrange a consultation appointment. We will personally show you the advantages and a high-quality selection of suitable carpets and look forward to advising you individually
to be allowed.

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