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Your Berlin specialist for high-quality laying in the private and commercial sector since 1999.

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We stand for supremequalityand reliability in the execution of all floor and parquet work.

Our focus is on the use of sustainable floor coverings and ecological installation techniques. 

We would be happy to advise you personally and lay high-quality floors for you individually according to your wishes.

Our portfolio includes the following services:




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Das Verspannen von Teppich ist die hochwertigste und ökologischste Verlegetechnik, die zu Unrecht etwas in Vergessenheit geraten ist. Das wollen wir ändern, denn Teppich-Verspannung kommt ganz ohne Bauchemie aus.

Mehr zur Verspannung von Teppichboden erfahren Sie hier.

When planning and processing your floors, we pay attention to the use of high-quality and sustainable materials. We prefer to buy our products from German manufacturers. We only employ highly qualified employees who we train regularly. 

You benefit from thisquality claimour 
Masters for floors and parquet as well as our floor and parquet layers in our company. Our
offerwe design for youtransparentand understandable.

In order to be able to meet these high standards, our offer is aimed at customers who appreciate these quality standards.

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In this image filmGuild Parquet and Flooring Technology Northeastyou get a good insight into our craft.


Renowned parquet and floor layers report on their experiences and what they love about their job and what makes this craft special.

Owner and master parquet layer Mike Zimmermann conveys impressions from the field of floor and parquet laying and why it is important to support trainees.

In order to be able to assess your building project individually, we make an appointment on site. There we measure the ground and assess the subsoil and possible options and challenges.


This appointment will initially be invoiced according to the effort required. If an order is placed, we will deduct the costs from your final invoice so that you have no additional costs.

You will then receive an individually tailored offer for your planning.


Alternatively, we look forward to personally advising you in our floor studio in Johannisthal using photos and a floor plan. Open by arrangement.


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